Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saturday's w/ jAkEy

Can someone tell me how to convince our city to move soccer up by a month?! Seriously! BITTER COLD! It hurts!
I am not kidding! The warmest this game got was 32 degrees! THAT'S THIRTY TWO PEOPLE! Ryan and I parked the truck close to the field Jake was playing on, turned on some kiddy music for Mal & Daws and walked a few steps away to jump up and down TOTALLY bundled up, and still freezing! YIKES!

It is all worth it though, at least until those little yellow team buggers started calling all the kids on our team losers and dorks and making them cry. BULLIES! What they don't get is that we actually have a FABULOUS team! The coach is the soccer coach at the middle school and he is amazing! The kids practice two days a week with a game on Saturday. They learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the sport and we can't sing praises to his name enough!

So, that is Jake, the one in the shorts....shin guards on the OUTSIDE of his socks, running into a kid...probably because his beanie is covering his eyes! Funny kid! He really did such a great job!

And when it was his time to hit the sidelines his Mama was there waiting with some nice HOT chocolate!

Jake is so much fun! We love him so much! As he gets older he is so fun to joke around with. We love playing games with him and just plain being with him! On conference weekend we had a gaming marathon going. Twister before the first session, Star Wars Monopoly between the first and second, then of course we had to finish out the night with Life! All Jake's picks and all so much fun!

Twister is always a hit at our house. Jake LOVES when Ryan and I go against each other. He thinks it is quite funny when we get all twisted and fall over. Poor Ryan, he is getting old! This game is rough on him....

But not quite as rough on him as it is on Jake! Jake and Ryan were all twisted up when Dad had to shift to right foot green and caught Jake in the schnoz. His little schnoz hadn't quite recovered from Mallory's body slam and immediately set to letting it's pain known...all over the mat!

Nothing quite like a bloody nose to bring a game of Twister to a screeching halt! Maybe next time we will go for Sorry or Clue instead!

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-Kels- said...

Kyle is in the bishopric so he gets the benefit of being married and getting to act like a crazy young adult!

and the rule is if you are engaged you can stay until the weekend after you get married...

good times

Gear Gang said...

First, Jakey you look so dang cute in your beanie. I bet you are the best on the team.

Second, Geez Ryan you really got to stop all that abuse. Now I know where Mally gets it from. HAHAHAHA

Third, What is wrong with Dawson? Is it a serious sick. Or the weather sick. I am praying for him regardless.

Love, Lisa

-Kels- said...

So im thinkin that you should give me Jakes soccer schedule so i can arrange to surprise him and come and watch him!

Norris Fam said...

hmmmm...yet another good reason to move next door to me in St. George! Playing soccer in 75' sounds pretty nice you know!