Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Dani, my friend Jenn's girl, left her sun glasses over here, and Mal couldn't get enough! (You can have them back Jenn, I just have to figure out where she stashed them!)
With Jake at school and a NO SCHOOL day for this cheeka, well, it was the perfect opportunity to curl up on the couch with Jake's Game Boy.
I love that she kept pushing the glasses up in the middle with her little finger.
"WHY is she holding that game boy so close", you might ask. Well, there are A LOT of finger prints on those classes and they are nearly impossible to see through.
Oh yeah! I've got your back sista! Is that better! Helps to clean them huh?!
(nice rag-a-muffin hair & dirty face)
And because I wouldn't want you to miss the ENTIRE effect of this outfit......
YEP, she did it all by herself! SWEET HUH?! She thinks so too!
Off she goes...with a look like this, there are people she MUST see and places she MUST go! I love a little individuality! :)


MOM said...

That is so fun Amy! Thanks for sharing.

Brenda said...

Oh, how cute...I love the big grin!

Kristin and Jay said...

She is one stylin chick!

Anonymous said...

My goodnes that is adorable.. You are so darn good at keeping up with this site.

We love you, Dad and Sondi

Courtney said...

Amen at not killing off individuality! I like seeing oddly dressed kids better than the "put together" kids :) Well, I like that too, but wierd outfits make me smile :)

Rideout Family said...

She can come dress me anytime. I am kind of tired of my clothes, maybe she could put something together that I would of never thought of putting together. I love that little monkey.

Frischknecht Fam said...


You're little girl reminds me of you . . . always happy and full of energy. She is a doll!

Don't you love the ensembles that kids come up with? There have been times when I've had to cover my eyes and convince myself that it really is okay to take them into public, tiara, soccer shorts, and all. Like you mentioned, a lot can be said for a little individuality.

Dirk & Dae said...

The's all about the boots! Awesome!