Saturday, October 4, 2008

date night {GLORIOUS} date night

Last night was a BLAST! Jay & Kristin & Ryan and I went on a MUCH NEEDED date night! We went to the Pioneer Saloon in Ketchum...SO YUMMY! Then with time to kill before our movie we had to hit the Chocolate Factory. Then we went to this SUPER cool place where they actually SHRINK you! It was amazing! Check out what a good job they did on me and Kristin!
Yeah, alright, so it is just a HUGE STINKING chair on Sun Valley Rd. It was really funny sitting in it. I felt like a little kid! You will have to go to Kristin's blog to get the EMBARRASSING play by play Jay took with his phone of me getting UP on that chair! Oh wait, her blog is private! HAHAHAHA! My dignity will be spared, except for those of you that have access, UGH!
Anyway, it caused for some crazy laughing on the way to the movie. Jay almost stopped breathing, LITERALLY! Serves him right! :)
The movie was great and I LOVE laughing HARD with good friends! You can always count on that with Jay & Kristin!
OH and I also loved driving slow through Albertsons parking lot with SNOOP DOGG cranked, windows down and my hubby, YES my hubby, playing the gangster! FUNNY!
OH and a big big HUGE thank you to Kellsy for coming all the way up from Jerome to watch my kids, make them fall completely in love with you, and hang out all weekend for conference! We love you!


Kristin and Jay said...

Last night was awesome! How come you didn't put the play by play on your blog =). ANd I totally forgot to mention snoop dog! We definitely need to go again. How about tonight =)

Courtney said...

Hey! I have a pic like this of me and my friend Amanda... I call it the Big Comfy Couch and if anyone gets that reference, then I love them :)

cindy said...

Date night is so important!! When my kids were little I would pay double the going rate for sitters. Our favorite sitter was somehow always available!

Rideout Family said...

Oh how I wish Nate and I were there too. I can only imagine all the laughing and after laugh phlem. Yes that happens to me if I laugh too much too hard, I cough up phlem (how ever the heck you spell it). If anyone wants to see the play by play on Krisin's private blog, let me know and I'll get you on. It's way worth it. I wish I had a play by play of you getting stuck down in the pit at the skate park.

Amy Lindstrom said...

JENI!! Oh, I guarantee that I tried one of those moves to get out of that pit! THANKS FOR THE REMINDER! DORK! :)


Tana said...

Just the thought of you rollin' with snoop doggy funny. That is one problem with the matter how loud you turn it up, it just doesn't have the same affect.