Friday, September 5, 2008

Just a FEW more pics from last weekend....

My mom just sent me TWO HUNDRED AND THREE!!! pictures from the weekend! 203! YIKES! :) Thanks Mom! I picked a few that I really liked and that I kind of thought summed up the weekend....
Did you know that this is my little brother?! YEP! Lil' Parker! What a cutie! (Sorry the pic is blurry)

Mal couldn't get enough of SUPER FUN Uncle Brian!

Me and Lil' D hangin in the park!

Yeah...this is my sister Rachel. She is NUTS! AND I LIKE IT! NO...I LOVE IT!

More Mama & D time! I think we could lay like this for hours!

My mom said that Brian was talking & singing to Dawson. He REALLY loved Uncle Brian! Brian can play the piano like nobody's business. Daws would immediately cry when he stopped! We need to get a CD from you Bri!
I love this one!


Mal LOVED every second of playing with Brian. She would bury him in the pillows then look for him while calling out "UNCLE BRIAN". When she found him she would get all excited and give him kisses! They were quite the buddies!

Again, we had so much fun! I wrestled with Rachel LIKE CRAZY! It was so much fun! I got married when she was 2, I never really got the chance to goof around with her like that. I LOVED IT! She is quite the character!

Oh and Ray, Ty & eyes are still burnin from RB for 5 hours straight! OUCH!

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mom said...

Ummmmm.....I think you're a little off on the RB. You need to add a few more hours to those 5 and I do mean straight! I'm sure you have all been doing it in your sleep ever since.