Saturday, August 16, 2008


One of Jake's, and now Mallory's, favorite things to do is battle mom & dad with the light sabers. I have to admit, it is pretty fun! AND pretty FUNNY! Sometimes we have to hop around on one leg or hide an arm behind our back, crawl around on our knees or even try to battle with the light saber between our knees because of "severed" limbs. Jake gets a pretty good kick out of all of it. Once he has mamed us to the point of complete inability to play along, he usually waves his hand in front of us, and in that "let's pretend" voice we all had as children says, "Let's say I used the force to heal you". Although, for him, unlike us when we are so beaten we can't defend ourselves, a mere knick in the arm and he "forces" himself back to full health! I guess that is something you can do when you are a REAL Jedi Master (thanks Disneyland!).

I think Mallory is thinking twice about messing with Dad. He looks like he has a score to settle! Will she back down?

OF COURSE NOT! She has already taken out both of Dad's legs and an arm! GOOD JOB MAL!

Oh yeah...I'm taking pictures! HA! (Take notice of Jake mourning the loss of one of the light sabers. His dad "Sliced" right through the handle!

THAT looks dangerous! With Drew, Jake & Mallory poor Ryan didn't stand a chance! It looks like Jake even stole his dad's light saber. Nice move Bubba!

Here is a little video of them in action!

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Norris Fam said...

I think Ryan is having more fun than the kids!

I'm must tell you how heavenly and pleasant your backyard full of green grass is looking to me right now! I'm feeling very homesick this morning :(

Diane Jensen said...

My boys love to do the same thing. Their favorite is some "light sabers" that they got at a party... a noodle cut in half with electrical tape wrapped around the bottom for a handle. Then they can really whack each other. I still have to intervene too often so no one gets hurt.

jill said...

that is so fun...I bet when jake is older those will be some of his favorite memories. I can't wait for jackson to get to that pretend play phase!!

Jeni said...

I have to agree with Carrie, I was thinking the very same thing, your backyard does look heavenly. I too am missing the area and all my friends very much. I feel like just another face in the crowd here. I love you and miss you.

*Kellsy* said...

oooo that looks like way fun!
little kids are so much fun... i was babysitting a couple of friends kids and we played princessess all nite long... dress up and everything...
made me miss my jake and sydney and our dress up moments... :(

I need to see you guys!!

Love and miss you