Monday, August 4, 2008


On Wednesday we got to have Sammi & Maci over for a little while while their mom (Jeni) helped the packers! We also had Bridger Rand over for quite a bit of the time.
These kids are GOOF BALLS! For one, the all came running in the house claiming that they were in the backyard watching a potato bug "lay babies". They said that, "first there was one, then after a minute, another one, then one minute then another, until there are 6." They said that they are little and white. Bridger insisted that I go find him a jar to put them all in. After an analogy of taking his mom out of a safe place (hospital) to have her babies and putting her on a roller coaster at Lagoon and telling her to have it, comparing it to taking the bug out of a safe place (outside) and putting it in a jar, they all finally agreed to leave the bug where it was and give her some space.

Look at these crazy kids. Jeni and I are cut from the same cloth! So it is really no wonder to me that when Jake & Maci get together they are INSANE and have the same thoughts running through their heads. They are hilarious! Look at those faces!

Sammi wants to be a photographer. She is a pretty good one! Check her blog on the right! She borrowed my camera and took a few pics.

I think that is Maci's "Zen" pose! NICE!
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Jeni said...

Thanks Amy for saving me that day. My girls had a blast with you and your family and Sam was pretty excited about the money she made while she was there. Now let me tell you what happened the other day because of that... we were at my cousin Emma's house after her baptism and apparantly her room was quite messy. Maci came downstairs and told my aunt and me that she had cleaned Emma's whole room. My aunt was thanking her saying that it must of taken her a long time because it was so messy. Maci said "your welcome" and then paused for about a half a minute and then said, "Can I have a dollar?" I about died, we were lauging so hard. So I am sure after every job they do I'm going to hear, "Can I have a dollar?"

Amy Lindstrom said...

That made me laugh so hard! I don't know if I should talk to Maci about not asking for money or tell her to go for more than a dollar! :)

You tell your girls that if they want to be paid they have to come to my house! I am not afraid of Child Labor! :) HA! Although, I think I am fair with my prices! It was worth every penny of that 7 bucks to have Sammi organize the toy closet! :)

Courtney said...

Ugh! THat bug stuff GROSSED ME OUT!