Thursday, July 31, 2008


D A N G I T!!! I am about tired of this! No one is allowed to move away anymore! Do you all hear me?! First Kara, then Carrie, and now my dear sweet Jeni!

Jeni (aw shoot! I am totally crying!) , I don't know that you know how much I truly love you! From our first phone call after our trip to Twin, I am sure it was over an hour long conversation, I knew that you and I were cut from the same cloth! Kindred spirits we are!
You have been so in-tune to my needs over the last couple of years. I love you so much for that! How can we ever forget our 263 min. phone call when I was stuck in the hospital for weeks and so needed to laugh with a friend! Or sitting next to you in church and having you slip your arm around me and tell me you love me, not knowing that is just what I needed! I will miss all your hugs and "I love you's", in person that is, I am sure there will still be plenty on the phone! :) I also love and appreciate how much you loved my little Dawson! I love that he recognizes your voice and loves you so much! He knows that he is loved by you! You are also one of the VERY funniest people I know! I am ALWAYS laughing when I am around you and I LOVE that!

I can't wait to see you in December! (and any other time we can arrange a meeting is SLC.) I love you SO VERY MUCH!!
Sammi & Maci- I love you girls so much! I am going to miss all your hugs! I will see you soon I am sure! Be brave on your first day of school. You are the FUNNEST girls I know, I am sure that you will make friends so fast! Keep up on your blogs! I can't wait to see your pictures!
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Kristin and Jay said...

Stop!! I can't handle it!

Brian and Kara said...

K where is the ode to Kara. Im starting to feel a little left out=) Just kidding. I miss you guys. Stop posting these sad posts

Jeni said...

Thank you Amy. My life is forever changed (for the better) because you are and always will be in it. I love, love, LOVE you!

*Kellsy* said...

OO the last two posts are so sad!! :(
it sucks when friends move away...

Look on the bright side when friends move away it guarantees fun road trips!!