Friday, August 8, 2008


We've got it! Well at least Jake & I do! We can't wait for gymnastics, swimming and more! Thanks to my BRILLIANT friend Jenn, who is now somewhere between my house and Ketchum...China Panda to be exact. We will be watching the Opening Ceremonies that are in China, while eating Chinese food! YUM!
I have to say that every once in a while I get the itch for some really good competition (I am TOTALLY a sucker for a GOOD reality show, dang it)! Football is my sport of choice. Only problem, who to cheer for, my ultimate dream would be for Idaho to get an NFL team! I would be their biggest fan! Oh, who am I kidding that will NEVER happen...well, maybe never is too strong a word....No, that is just me getting hopeful again. We will NEVER have our own team.
And so, THAT is the beauty of the Olympics! We ALL have a team to cheer for!
It's over, I watched it, and it requires an update: You know, I never used to be a crier, but now...crud, I am a mess! You know when Oprah gives stuff away...heck it can be a purse and I am bawling! So needless to say, I was totally breaking down with this one! All the talk of peace, love and harmony. It is amazing to see the turmoil in the world and know that we can all come together and cheer for each other! AMAZING! It is the first time, since the U2 concert...of course :)....that I have felt that world peace is possible! Good Job CHINA!
On a spiritual level, I always love seeing all the people from all of the world, and remember that we are all children of the same Father! He is mindful of each one of them, as he is of us. They all have personal struggles and need for His love and guidance. It is really something to watch all of this with these thoughts in mind!
Oh, and the chinese food was good! THANKS JENN!


Lombardo Family said...

Ok Ryan & Amy, sure hope you haven't forgotten who I am. This is Melissa Eyre. That's right! Remember? Got your link from Wes's blog. Fun to read up on your family. We have a blog too, but it's privatized. Some psycho was looking at my kids. Da! Anyway, send me your e-mail address so you can check out our lives as well. Great to see you and family again.
love, Melissa

Jelina said...

I LOVE the olympics, too! This is the only time I don't mind the TV running almost full time! And I have to agree...that was THE BEST opening ceremonies I have ever seen! When you 5000 yrs of history to work with you can do a lot better than 150 years of only pioneers. :)

Kristin and Jay said...

K did you see the 400 "something" relay (swimming) with Micheal Phelps last night like at 10:30?!! jay and were cheering so loud we woke Ashlynn up! That was seriously SO awesome! I LOVE the olympics too! If you missed it and have no clue what I am talking about, never mind =)