Tuesday, July 29, 2008

{WHY} would I be posting at 2am?!

Maybe it has to do with a little bit of this!

Far too much of this (but hey, we did finally pass a song with all of us on expert!)


AND TOO MUCH OF THIS! (See Kristin, I AM capable of posting a cute pic of you! And OK, there will never be too much of you!)

We also had appearances by our much smarter MUCH SMARTER friends Carrie, Amanda & Maren. They all chose to go to bed at a decent hour....PARTY POOPERS! :)

With just days left with Jeni & Carrie before their dreaded move to St. George, we just can't seem to get enough time in with them! Tonight was MORE than fun! We all laughed until we could have puked! I LOVE THESE GIRLS!! LOVE THEM!!
Now, I am headed to bed, and as soon as I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow (Mal will probably take care of this for me at 6:30 AM) I will post about our trip to Utah!
Until then.....
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Courtney said...

YOu're so good about taking pics of people. crazy, I'm a photog, but I have pics of NOTHING!

Kristin and Jay said...

Last night was great. ANd those jalepeno things are AWESOME!! I'm going to miss our late night rockband parties when Jeni leaves. Dang you stupid OKLAND!!! =)