Saturday, July 5, 2008

failing a {SEVEN} minute song

One of the songs we played was a song by The Who. It is like 7 minutes long. Everyone had left but me, Jeni (of course, we were at her house), Kristin & Jasmine. Things were starting to get a little wild. Of course it just got a LOT crazier from here! We were trying to pass songs so we could further our "CAREER" to unlock more songs.

With Jeni on the Mic, Kristin on drums and Jaz on guitar how could we POSSIBLY fail this right...RIGHT?!

So, here is a little video for you to watch. Well, alright it is 6 minutes, but there are SO many moments that make it worth the time, at least for me! One, Jeni's dance moves! OH BABY! Two, Kristin's face while drumming, three Jaz's prego belly behind the guitar! I loved that!

So after 6 min. of playing this song there was a pause. We all thought they were done and had past it, but the music kept going. Suddenly the drums were needed and Kristins reaction KILLS me! I could watch it over and over! Look at that face!

Apparently it wasn't the easiest song....Kristin failed, which resulted in everyone failing the song at 96%!! 4% to go! Oh well, have no fear, I stepped in and we finally got it passed...alright Kristin, so I was on Easy and you on Medium W H A T E V E R!! :)

You are going to want to scroll down and pause my music on this one......


Kristin and Jay said...

I CANNOT believe you blamed that on me =)! But I must say since you said you passed it for me later, well guess what sister, I passed the singing one YOU failed!!! Hah! My beautiful singing voice ROCKS!!! =) And my drumming skills do to!!!

Dirk & Dae said...

Amy, you're right....Kristen is hilarious! I love it when she sticks her tongue out when she's concentrating! You guys are NUTS!!

Amy Lindstrom said...

Kristin- YOU DID FAIL IT! You failed 3 times and no one could save you! :) OK, you did pass that song on expert, you are better than me (Sniff Sniff).

Dae- OH MY HECK I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY THIS GAME WITH YOU! I was just thinking about how fun it would be! You would be totally wild with us and I would LOVE IT! One day! ONE DAY! :)

Norris Fam said...

I finally watched the 6 minute video and it only made me sad that I couldn't have stayed longer and seen it for myself.

You guys crack me up!!!

Jeni said...

If anyone wants dance lessons, give me a jingle.

Jeni said...

Okay, Kristin's face makes me laugh so hard through the whole thing. That was so much fun.
Again Again??