Saturday, July 5, 2008

Now To See It All [IN MOTION]

By the way, for some reason I don't have any pictures or video of Karady, Maci (thanks for the sign Mace!), Shalece or Jelina, who were also there...well, not until the wee-hours, but they were! And can I just say a big THANK YOU to these girls for making life a lot more interesting and FULL of fun and raucous laughter! I love you all!!

OK, scroll down and pause the music.....

My battery died so I didn't get more of this one, but here is a couple seconds of Kristin rockin as the lead singer!

This is Jeni and her band. Watch Maren on the drums! HOLY SMOKES that girl is good! The drums are a lot harder than you would think. The foot pedal TOTALLY throws me off! Also, Kristin is rockin that guitar pretty hard.


Kristin and Jay said...

WOW, my voice is better than I thought =)

Dirk & Dae said...

Ok, my favorite part is YOU!! You laughing made me laugh! I LOVED it!!

Jeni said...

I totally thought you were just taking still pictures.
That was so much fun!
Encore at my house soon.

Courtney said...

You need to come play with the Horch clan!