Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Dog that Wanted My Leg for Dinner!

When we first moved here about a year ago, two ladies also moved in next door. One lady told us that we should keep our kids away from the fence because her dog is a "guard dog" and he will bite the kids hands. Hmmm, well, have you seen my fence?? Not too tall and pretty much rails and wire mesh stuff.

Well, it has been a year without least until last night. Let me just first say that this dog BARKS ALL THE DANG TIME! Makes me crazy! Well, yesterday me and Ryan, our 3 kids and my friend Jenn's 3 kids were out in the front yard. Everyone started to head in and I was just cleaning up and going in to the garage to grab Dawson and make my way in with them. When I walked to the drive way I saw that the neighbors fence was open, the "guard dog" was out and watching me closely.

The look in his eye was quite intimidating. So as I took a step toward the garage, which unfortunately was also toward the dog, I re-lived a scene from Old Yeller. You know, the one where he bore his teeth all rabid-like and came after anything in its path. Well this dog was barking and coming straight at my leg.

I know he looks harmless. BUT HE IS NOT, MY FRIENDS...HE IS NOT! He got pretty close and only Kristin can appreciate when I say that the look on my face MUST have out done the "Ugly Face Scream" she got out of me one night she will live to regret! (OH YES KRISTIN..I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN) This dog SCARED the crud out of me! He backed off when I went into my garage.

So, needless to say, the kids were terrified to go outside. Jake STILL won't let Mallory go in the backyard, even though the dog is safely secured in his own backyard, and I had to DRIVE Jenn's kids the length of 4 houses to get them home! NICE! I don't know who was more scared of the dog, me or the kids (probably me).

Anyway, last night after this event and having had the bird problem the night before, I am kind of running short on luck with animals, so needless to say I will not be venturing out this evening. Cause you know that if the Mountain Lion or Moose is around, I am sure to be trampled or (gulp) MAULED to death! (Ok, that was a bit dramatic...even for me!)
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Kristin and Jay said...

K Amy your life is WAY more exciting than mine!! Can I come hang out =). And yes, I am very much imagining the look on your face and laughed out loud thinking of it. Hah!!! Just remember if you come to my house in the middle of the night you will probably get bit by a rattle snake, or eaten by a pack of wolves so you better STAY AWAY!!!!!! =)

Kate said...

No, not too much drama, I freaking HATE DOGS! People always say to me "my dog has never bitten/scratched/... anyone before!"