Wednesday, June 25, 2008


...more pictures than you can shake a stick at!

So, it is about time I document our Island Park Adventure...WOW! Um, I will be right back! Motherly duties (the not so pleasant ones) are calling...

Phew, I gotta tell ya that little girl needs an automatic air freshner! I know, I know TMI...whatever!

So, back to Island Park! Last weekend Ryan's guys were there working on a cabin. Ryan decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take a weekend off! So he told his guys he would take care of all of the wiring and we packed up the new/old trailer on Wednesday and got out of town.

Now, if I haven't told you about the trailer, let me do so now, if I have well, here it is again...
Last year Ryan found this little beauty listed on Being the bargain hunter that he is he noticed when it was listed for $2100, then $1500, then $1100. The guy's dad had died and left him the trailer and he didn't have the room for it, so he wanted it gone quick. So, in comes Ryan with $800 in hand. A couple hours later and a drive to Logan and it was ours!

First things first, that PUTRID upholstery HAD to go! The trailer was in GREAT condition, just totally early 80's-ed out! So, my job, was curtains & upholstery (wallpaper and some wall fixer-uppers will come later). Ry took care of the floor. He tore out some of the old floor and put in new wood, then put down a new vinyl-ish type flooring. We are not done with everything, but it was you want the tour? Oh alright!

So this is it! Looks really fancy behind the Excursion! :)
Oh and look at my super cute hubby and baby girl! Ooo, I just love those two!

This is the view from the "kitchen". I love the lay out in this beast. It really is the reason I decided it was worth the effort in the first place. It has 2 tables (the one I am standing by, and the one folded into the wall back there), and a "living room". It also has a curtain that closes between the front and back part so that the kids have a nice little room to sleep in!

Now, why don't you go ahead and notice the upholstery. I want you to know that I FAILED sewing! FAILED IT! However, I was successful at re-upholstering, buttons and all, the cushions! I also sewed those curtains you see in the back. They still need new "tie backs" and "overhanging thingys" ,but that will come. You see those tie backs? Yeah, THAT was what the upholstery was before. Ok, now I am done talking about it because I don't really feel like typing upholstery anymore!

Moving on.... This is the view from the Living Room. Another thing that I loved about this trailer is all of the storage space. It really has plenty!

Over there in that corner is a bathroom WITH a tub and shower! OH YEAH IT WORKS! And there is a closet and all that jazz.

Dontcha just LOVE that wallpaper? Oh Fancy, I know! It will be changed...when I get to that!

And this is the BEAUTIFUL handy work of my hubby! He really did such a good job. Even after all the cussing and fuming about it all, when it was done, he was proud. So was I!

THIS is Jake's bed. It is his favorite place in the entire trailer! Although at first the thought of sleeping with his nose inches from the ceiling was iffy. He said that it was really comfortable so he didn't mind. Having a spot to play his gameboy wasn't bad either.

What a cute boy! EW, I just love him!

Speaking of cute boys that I love...Dawson, in his cute little camo shorts, enjoyed hanging out in the trailer. He was either inside or safely tucked in the bike trailer when we went for walks or on rides. I was really quite unsure what the mosquito's would do to him. There were A TON of mosquito's! I was a little nervous about them making him sick with his super sensitive immune system.

While Ryan was working the kids were hot and tired of the mosquito's so we brought the DVD player in for a little Chip N Dale! My next feat will be to record Mallory doing an impression of Donald Duck...OH SHE HAS ONE! I don't know many 2 year olds that do impersonations, but hey, she is Ryan's daughter and well, if you know Ryan, he can probably do a perfect impression of you...a little intimidating, isn't it?!


Brian and Kara said...

You did a great job on the camper. I love our camper it makes camping with kids tons more fun. It looks like island park was a lot of fun. Yet another place I didn't visit while I lived here:(

Robyn said...

How fun! I would love to find an old trailer to go camping in, I dont know where I would park it though, maybet my parents house! I have promised my kids to go camping this summer and now you have inspired me! Looks so fun!

Carin said...

Over from PW Wow, $800 is a deal! You will have tons of fun I'm sure! On a side note- do you know Ben & Danny Christensen?

Jasmine said...

alright!!! sweet ride! do u have a name for your camper yet??? it is the total beast master