Tuesday, June 10, 2008

and because I was late again....a {BONUS} recipe!

Today Syd & Kallie Norris are here to play with us. So, what better time than now to make a little play dough. I am telling you this is hands down the BEST homemade play dough recipe! No mess, made in minutes, not too salty, super soft and lasts FOREVER (as long as it is sealed in a bag or air tight container). So, if want a fun project with your kids, or you have NO IDEA what else to do with all of your food storage...MAKE PLAY DOUGH!

(I mixed all of the dry ingredients together in these paper bowls before hand, for each kid, A LOT less mess!) Mix 1 c. flour, 2 tsp. Cream of Tartar & 1/2 tsp. salt.

Now stir in 1 c. water and 1 T. Oil. OR if you believe in child labor, which conveniently enough I DO, put Ms. Kallie to work and make her earn her keep!

When it is all mixed, it will look like this.

Now add your food coloring. As much as is necessary to make it the color you...I mean your child wants it to be.

Then stir it all up. Add more color if you want, until you get the right color.

THEN, because I am an equal opportunity employer, I will make this one slave for a little while! Once the mixture was combined I turned the heat on to medium. Now he will stir it and stir it and....MWAH HA HA! I enjoy this WAY to much!

This is when his little arms give up! They can't take it anymore! The last 30 seconds of stirring were agonizing! So, I will take over from here! Seriously, it takes no time for this to start happening. That is why you are going to stir constantly. Then just keep on once this starts to happen until.....

This! You are almost done! Isn't it exciting?! I love the way it nearly cleans the pan for you as you spin that little ball of dough around the pan and it picks up all of it's little left overs!

Then just to make sure it is good and done, because if it is not, it will be VERY sticky when you are kneading it, I push it down a little flat and let it sit there for a couple of seconds.

Now just go ahead and dump it right out on the counter top. Don't forget to turn your stove off!

Now just knead it for a few seconds, until it gets all smooth and beautiful! Seriously, if it is sticking to you at all put it back in the pan over the heat. It is not supposed to at all! Oh, and it will be a bit warmish-hotish. You can handle it, just work fast. It cools REALLY fast!

VIOLA! or WAH-LAH so as not to confuse anyone! Isn't it pretty! So fun! Now either let the kids play with their pleasantly warm dough, or put it in an air tight container when it is cool and you will have it forever...or just short of forever!

Let me just say this, in a total of 15-20 min. we had made 3 HUGE balls of play dough and 3 very happy kids! Sydney



and then I was happy because they did this....

quietly for the next 30 min! GOOD CHILDREN! :)


Brenda said...

This looks like a blast!!! I have made homemade/cooked play dough out of cornstarch but I think that your recipe looks better! I must try it! A question though....Does the food coloring come off at all on their hands? or on anything else for that matter? I have been nervous about that and have never added color...boring me.

Amy Lindstrom said...

Oooo, that IS a good question Brenda! No, it doesn't come off at all! It doesn't get on anything! GO COLOR! It is so much more fun that way! :)

Norris Fam said...

Thanks Amy...you're the best! Love the play by play photos!

Brenda said...

Well, good to know! Seriously though, I kept thinking...you put color in frosting, frosting gets on clothes and then ya can't get the darn color out of the clothes. So, with that..Why would I put it in something that they play with? Well, next time I make any we will do COLOR!!!! Yay, my kids will be thrilled!!!!