Sunday, May 11, 2008


I have FINALLY made it through all of your blog updates! 58 to be exact! That took a bit of time, but it is something that I truly love to do! So, because it would have taken me days to comment on each one, I am going to comment here to each one of don't you worry, I am going to finish this, then SURVIVOR [best season EVER] FINALE, THEN Disneyland post! That might come....what am I saying, that WILL come tomorrow! NOT TONIGHT! :)

By the way, I have the greatest family and friends! I love you all dearly! For any of you that don't know the other people on my blog link list, check them out sometime! They are all such wonderful people and truly inspiring!

AMBER- WOW! Your little guy is so stinking cute!

DIANE- Yay for the girls! Happy Birthday! Oh and I love your post about your mom! I figured that she had to be pretty amazing to have produced such wonderful kids and grandkids...yes Carrie, I mean you!

DEV & SHALISE- Congrats! Hopefully life will slow down for you soon! Love you guys!

JANA- Good luck Sid!

JENN- Happy Birthday DANI! Love the blades and phone look!

AMANDA- Everytime I start to say Lucy looks just like Bridger the next second she is ALL LIVI! That second picture- TOTALLY LIV!

CARRIE- No wonder you felt like I was gone for a long time! A lot has happened in the last week at your house! WOW Kal! This has been a REALLY big week for you! Congrats on your baptism! Syd! OH MY! I had to laugh out loud at her! She is a funny little twerp! I sure love your girls! Happy Birthday Dan!

CLINT & ABBY- That is WAY too funny Ab! I guess we all could use a good dose of Dale Carnagies infiltration!

COURTNEY- Love the pages! Thanks for the link! I am TOTALLY loving the digital thing right now! Oh and sweet sweet Tawn! I went MUCH better this time!

JELINA- FUN! Next time we are TOTALLY hitting the Seaworld/Legoland/Beach run!

JILL- It IS crazy how fast they grow! Bianca is growing WAY too fast! Oh and cute poem Scott!

ROBYN- I could watch your taser video over and over and over! :) I am SO glad I found your blog!

BRENDA- I still can't get over you living that close to a sweet beach! HOW FUN! Oh I am so
excited that I found you again!

KALEE- That Little Ceasars thing cracked me up! And people wonder why "People Watching"
can be so entertaining!

KATE- I can't believe Brooky is that big! Wow! I totally miss you guys!

KRISTIN- YAY for Ash! She looked so cute today! Oh and I am excited for your yard! I totally
plan on spending plenty of time in it when you are done....just so you know!

WES & SAUN- Too funny! Jackson cracks me up!

KARA- I am glad you put that helmet on Brady to ride the "dinosaur" at the park! :) Oh and OH MY TWILIGHT PREVIEW!! I seriously giggled...wildly! Hehehehehe! I CAN'T WAIT! I can't believe Paislee is "walking"!

CANDISE- Yay for the Temple! I hope that day comes so soon!

BROOKE- I totally want to come and spend a day laughing with you and Carly, you two look like you have SO much fun together! I also must add that you inspire be a better mom, a better friend, a better wife, a better visiting teacher :) you just totally inpire me! I am so glad Carrie got me to start stocking your blog! :) I MUST meet you someday!

PIONEER WOMAN- (oh yes, she gets to be included) Let me just say Pineapple Shrimp skewers, Spicy Mac & Cheese, land that makes my coveted 45 acres look like a drop in the bucket AND hilariously placed butterflies! (I love this blog! THANKS A LOT JENN!)

....Now to all of you not listed has been too long since your last post! GET ON IT!


Courtney said...

There's no way this was faster than hitting comment! And it DOESN'T COUNT! So you better get back to real comments missy!

Robyn said...

Your so funny, I love it! Im so glad you found my blog too, its so fun to keep in touch!

jill said...

you are too funny!! I think it's so great that you comment on everyone's blog. I can't wait to hear all about disney land!

[BrookeO] said...

Thanks for that shout out, and right back at'cha!