Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It is finally warming up and we are LOVING it! Our unsightly yellow grass, which is rebelling against all that represents spring, is the last of the reminders of this last LLOOONNNGGG Winter! It will eventually give least it had better!

Anyway, Jake, Drew & Mal were in the backyard when there was a sputtering and spraying sound. The boys, from experience knew exactly what was next! Mal, from lack of experience, did not! It scared the heck out of her! It took a second, but she finally realized that this could only mean TONS of fun!

After about an hour they were still going strong and soaking wet. Mal loves when Drew and Jake play with her. She tries to be just like them! I just couldn't get over her version of the Indiana Jones theme!

Oh yeah, you will want to pause my music....sorry bout that!

Did I tell you how much I LUH-HUV having a fenced in backyard?! That is Mal's favorite thing too! Oooo, this is going to be a fun summer! All we need now is a little patio furniture, a swing set and some garden boxes and we are set!


Kristin and Jay said...

K your title of this post had me a little worried =). I was trying to think what animal was small enough to hide in the grass yet spray you. At first I thought skunk, no too big?! But maybe it was long grass. Ahh! I am very happy it was the sprinklers so I didn't have to sit really far away from you at church =)!!!

Courtney said...

I love the Indy theme :)

Wes&Saun said...

That looks like so much fun. I like your fence. It looks like you guys live in a great little area. Thanks for taking care of Wes when he met you guys in Salt Lake. I know he had a really great time. And we are totally into that guy's program. I love it! -Saun