Thursday, May 1, 2008


While Ty and Suzi were getting married we left ALL of the kids with Aunt Kayla, Uncle Clint & Aunt Rachel! We handed the camera over to Clint and told him to feel free....and he did! Thanks Clint! Here are a few of his masterpieces.

Kaitlyn (Lisa's), Kayla and Lydia (Clint's). What cute girls! Oh, and do you see that cute skirt Lydia is sporting? Well, a very big thank you to Abby's mom for making those for all of the girls! They all looked so cute!

My little man! I AM LOVIN THOSE FRECKLES! Keep em comin!
Clint, I like the water in the background! GOOD JOB! :)

Now this HAD to be posted! This picture says A LOT about our children!
First of all isn't it typical that Jake and Bridger (Lisa's) would be the ones that would be pushing the line, "Let's see how close we can get without getting wet".
Then there is responsible Clayton (Clint's) sitting on the edge. Keeping an eye on the boys making sure they don't actually get wet, maybe wishing he could, but knowing/doing better!
And then Parker, my little brother, laying on the ground on the other side of the wall JUST to make SURE that there is NO WAY he could fall into that water! Up to this point there could be a lot of analogies made about this whole event, but this....well, this is JUST Parker being TERRIFIED of the water and making sure he stays clear of it! I LOVE THAT BOY!

AND THIS.....Well, this is my daughter. She and I shared this look a lot that day! Oh yeah, I flashed my fair share of people that day....THANKS A LOT WIND! All I can say is that videographer of Suzi's better do a pretty sweet editing job or the video will have to come with a PG-13 rating (mostly thanks to Rachel's flashings!) :)
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Norris Fam said...

Hey Mal...

I see London, I see France...

You know the rest =)

Kayla said...

Cute pics Amy! Oh how I love my family! I do have to say that I was STRESSED OUT about those boys playing in the water. Jake and Bridger definately stuck their feet in, Clay may look innocent but he too got wet...Parker was about to but I caught them before he took a dip too. It was really fun being aunt Kayla to all nine at once! I love you Amy and Ryan.

Tyrel & Suzi said...

Wow, who knew that such funny things could be happening outside the temple at that time. HA HA! I'm glad we caught this stuff on camera. Good job Clint! I'm proud to say that all those little ones are officially my nieces and nephews (and little brother) too!