Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, the results are in......zero, zilch, nada not one pound! Aw STINK! Well, I can't say that I am really suprised. We were just out of town for almost a week with loads of festivities, but enough of the excuses. I didn't gain and that is a good thing, but I will definately work my tail off this week.

I do have to add that my mom is totally my inspiration! She has lost almost 40 lbs! She looks so good! She is proof that making healthy eating choices and excercise will change your life! I haven't seen you this happy in a long time, Mom! I LOVE IT! You have more energy than most 20 year olds AND YOU ARE 50! Good job!

This week will be better, I promise! :)


Diane Jensen said...

You did better than me. I lost 3 the week before and gained 3.5 back this week. I don't know if it is nursing or what, but my body is doing crazy things. We will just not give up, right!

MOM said...

Thank you Amy.

[BrookeO] said...

It is all about feeling good and good grief, we only live once vacations totally mean rules don't apply!
You inspire me! Loves.

Kristin and Jay said...

-.5 for me. What a sad, sad, number =)