Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dad & Jake's {YUMMY} Creation!

This one looks like he has got something up his sleeve! He is studying that cereal box pretty close!

Now he has got this one sucked into his evil plot!

Well.....Maybe it's not so evil! Look at all that CHOCOLATE!


If you ever need a chocolate fix, try these puppies! The recipe is on the back of the Golden Graham's cereal box! Don't know if it is worth the trip to the store......Well, how does crunchy graham cracker goodness smothered in a pure chocolate and marshmallow concoction, with bits of mini marshmellows throughout sound?? Yeah, I thought so! I'll still be here when you get back from the store!
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1 comment:

Jelina said...

That treat would be perfect for my constant pregnancy chocolate craving--that is all I'm craving! It looks so good.