Friday, February 8, 2008

Pretty Little Mug

Mallory is learning so many words and phrases. She listens so well, a little too well sometimes. When I was at my friend Carrie's the other day we were all talking. I said some sentence that had the word "stupid" in it and from the other room we hear Mally..."toopid". FROM THE OTHER ROOM! She has also mastered the word "crap" and says, "Shoot, Dangit, Oh my gosh" when she is frustrated. So funny!

One of my favorite things is that she has been asking us the questions she wants us to ask her. For example, when she bumps her self or gets hurt, she runs to us and says, "Are you OK?" while she cuddles her little face into our necks. So we ask her, "are you ok?" and she will tell us yeah if she is. She also kept asking me the other day "are you tired". She was late for bedtime. I took her up and she went right to bed.

The other day she didn't get her nap because we were in the hospital getting xrays with Dawson (I will post about it later), she was so tired. She looked at me, tears welling up in her eyes and her bottom lip quivering, "Are you happy" she said in the most heartbreaking sweet voice. So I asked, "are you happy Mally". "No" was the sniffed response. Then the tears poured over and she started to cry. Then being the true daddy's girl she is she said, "Go see Ryan?"

She just wanted her daddy. Poor baby!

Mal is one of the happiest little kids! We love her so much! She always keeps us laughing with her 2 year old wit!
Here are some sweet pictures I took for Courtney today. She has something up her sleeve, but I am sure we will see the fruits of her ever so talented hands soon!

I think I like this last one so much because it is the perfect mix between a Kayla and Rachel (my little sisters) face! So cute!
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[BrookeO] said...

She is SO cute. I love the things she says, I think I could read them all day long. Aren't kids the most precious thing ever, we are lucky to be mom's...even if they pick up our bad habits, DANG IT!!

Is all ok w/ Dawson?

Brian and Kara said...

She is a doll. Thanks so much for the picasa tip. I needed a good photo program.

Carrie Norris said...

The "are you happy" story made tears well up in my eyes...seriously! Maybe we should all just ask other people the questions we want them to ask us, life might not be as complicated that way. Cute pictures by the way!

Courtney said...

Um, I think that Mallory is a good mix of Jake and JAKE.



Yeah, that is true! And you didn't think Jake would make a cute girl!:)

Amber said...

She looks like a 4 year old!! What happened to the time, I can't believe how old she looks!

MOM said...

Actually, these pictures really touch my heart because she looks just like her mama did at that age.


AWWWW! Thanks Mom! Yes, I do take that as a compliment! I have one seriously pretty little girl! :)