Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mally's Mug

My cute little stinker! She is so funny! Always laughing, smiling or making us laugh and smile!
I was trying to get some work done, which doesn't happen easily when Mal stands by me and says, "get down", which means pick me up mom! So, I do and we play! She even sat still, a little, and smiled at the camera!

She was totally into this little Willow tree statue. She kept telling me that the baby was giving the mommy a hug.

And this one takes the cake! That is a hilarious face!
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Devin & Shalise said...

Look at that hair!!

Carrie Norris said...

I don't know how you can look at those pictures and not laugh, that girl is so dang cute!

Kristin and Jay said...

K seriously, that last picture cracked me up!! What is that face, I swear I've seen it on you before =). Must have learned it from her hot momma =)

Anonymous said...

She really is stinkin cute!!