Monday, January 14, 2008



Ok, not really, but you would think! Friday night after the kids were in bed we had our typical date night of watching a movie. Then when that was over Ryan said that he really wanted to sleep out in the snow cave in the back yard that he and Jake made. I really didn't think he would do it. He said that he wanted to go see a couple of things. After a little bit my phone rang and it was him. He wanted me to bring him a golf club, 2 garbage bags & a plate.
When I walked out, I was shocked to see him all settled in his sleeping bag for the night! The golf club, in case you were curious, is usually used to check the depth of the walls. In this case I am sure it was to poke a breathing hole in case of colapse, the plate was to dig himself out, and the garbage bags were because the only tarp we have is covering our trailer, so he used garbage bags instead.

The cave is pretty big. There is a little enterance then it opens up to this. Ryan did some studying online to see how to make it safe and it has been up for a couple of weeks. He stayed out there all night. He actually got too hot and had to come in for some lighter pajamas. It was probably close to 0 degrees during the night. That is what it has been lately, but he stayed warm and cozy.
He picked the perfect night to sleep out. Dawson was up 13 times! Oh...I counted! It was insane! At 8am when Ryan came in he grabbed the kids so I could sleep a little bit longer. It was way fun for Ryan to sleep out there. I am glad he did. I think Ryan and Jake will be out there next weekend!
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