Monday, January 14, 2008

Ryan and Jake had a huge snow fight. It was so funny to watch them. Ryan was up on the deck, at one point, leaning over to get a snowball and Jake snuck up behind him and pushed him. He fell of the deck and landed on his head in the snow. This was Jake's revenge for a pretty nasty move from Ryan. There is video of it on the "video" link.

Our friend Skip came down to our house with his plow and pushed our snow up into a hill for Jake to sled on. Our house is quite a winter wonderland. With a cave in the back yard and a sledding hill in the front! So much fun!
Ryan and Jake had a lot of fun sledding down the hill in the front. Check out Ryan's face! That totally cracks me up! He was so funny the other night! Way too much fun! :)
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