Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas set up FHE

It has now become Jake's job to set up the Christmas tree. He loves to do it, and I love to have him do it, so it really works out for us! We open the box and hand him the instructions and he figures it out! This year Mal really got in to helping him. They were a funny little team!

Hey Clint, does this qualify as Mallory's "Craig Kilborn" face?! I think she has got it down!

Such cute boys! Dawson thought all of this was way too much fun! We had Christmas music blaring and so much fun hanging the Christmas lights and getting excited for all of the festivities! Well, hanging the lights was fun right up to the point that I hit some wires and shocked the crud out of myself! I felt it in my elbow. I bellowed....yep bellowed! LOUD! It was bad. Hurt like crazy! :) I think Ryan thought it was funny. Hmmmm, why wasn't he putting up the lights?! :)
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Courtney said...

That's a SHOCKING story!