Monday, December 31, 2007

At the Concert

At the concert we had 18 seats to fill! It was so much fun to be there with everyone! The choir was amazing! Really amazing! Kayla's friend Brian arranged and directed one of the songs. It was our favorite! He is super fun to be around and he was even brave enough to come to the hotel after the concert and play games with us. Seriously brave!

Clint! I like the red nose! I guess that is what happens when Lisa and I are in his face taking pictures at the same time. I got to sit by Lisa during the concert! I love her so dang much! I can't believe that I wasted so many years not liking her when we were growing up! :) She is really one of my very best friends!
I must also add that it was fun to see a much happier Clint! We had so much fun with him! He was his normal fun and goofy self!

More of the gang waiting for the concert to start. Lydia (Clint's daughter) is the super cute girl in the black and red!

And this is Clint's son Clay! What a silly boy! I love this little stinker!
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