Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a Stinker!

The other night after the kids had gone to bed Ryan and I went to check on all of them before heading to bed. When we went in Mal and Daws' room, Mal was no where to be found! However, with a little searching, we found her! DIAPERLESS!!!! ARGH! At least she didn't have an accident anywhere!
She loves to play under Dawson's crib. She likes to haul all sorts of things under there with her. I thought it was sweet that she took her blanket off her bed so she could sleep under there. What a silly girl!

AND as a side note! COURTNEY IS HAVING HER BOY TOMORROW!!! YAY!! Good luck Courtney! No seizures this time alright?! I wish I was there to sit up with Brinsley at all hours of the night for you! :( We miss you madly!
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Courtney said...

Oh why thank you!!!

No vagal responses (don't know if I spelled that right)... they pumped me full of fluid. And then I pretty much peed for a whole day straight! But I was concious the whole time, so that was good!

By the way, did that about give you a heart attack when she wasn't in her bed? Oh my heck, that would be so scary!