Saturday, November 10, 2007


I am about a month behind with this post, but better late than never, I guess.
This was the logo on our shirts. Thanks so much to my friends Brad and Stephanie Lee for making them for us!

This year I made a goal to do a 5K, however everytime one came around I was in the hospital with someone. Sooo, why not make our own?! Shirts and all! The date was set and then changed a few times for Hospital trips, but finally we were able to have it on October 13th. Only problem.....a little rain! This scared quite a few people away. It ended up just being our little family, Lisa and hers, and my mom and Dad, Rachel and Parker. Kayla had to head back to school earlier that morning, but she wore her shirt and went for a run in Rexburg. Tyrel had a football game or a Choir retreat, I can't remember which, but he couldn't come home from school (BYUI). So it was just us but we had plenty of fun and a resolve to do it again next year!

Rachel was in charge of pictures and did a pretty darn good job. Only problem was that I forgot my card at home, so we were really limited on how many we could take, but here is what we got.....

Kaitlyn, Bridger (Lisa's kids), Parker and Rachel (my little bro and sis) all ready to take off!

Jake and Mal wait patiently for everyone to get there so we could start.
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