Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dad and Ryan waiting for everyone else to get ready.

Nice Dad! :)

There! Everyone is ready now! It actually makes it much easier to carry a baby on back and a baby on front. It really balances things out nicely, especially now that Daws weighs as much as Mal! Plus, I didn't think the babies would appreciate running with me!
Mal and Daws had so much fun! Ryan said that they talked the whole way and had so much fun! Mallory came back with a leaf and a rock, which she carried around for quite a while after the race. Rachel, my little sis, loved walking and talking to Ryan and the kids. She had just had a huge mole surgically removed from her hip, so running wasn't really an option.

Dawson trying to reserve energy for the walk! This was before we got started. Isn't he sweet?! I love that little mug!
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