Tuesday, September 4, 2007

WOW!! Look at Ryan's Celebrity Look Alikes he was matched up to! OH YEAH!! :)

You have GOT to try this! Click on the link below and then you just download your picture, or anyone elses and it will pick what celebrities you look most like! It is so funny! It is also a place where you can store some of your geneology stuff. Pretty funny! Look who it picked for Ryan! :)


The Lindstrom Family said...

Here are some other way too funny look a likes that I found.....
Ryan Gear-The guitarist for Iron Maiden & Trent Reznor! :)
Tyrel-Scarlett Johanson! :)
Lisa-Angelina Jolie & Jessica Alba hmm...That is nice!
Dawson & Me- Penelope Cruz (I guess that must be true!)
Grandma Atkinson-Emma Watson & JIM CARREY! :)

Click on "want one too" and leave comments on who you found you look like! You have to fill out a bunch of info to get into it, so just enter a bunch of baloney and it will let you through!

Courtney said...

Why didn't you post one about you Amy? That's hardly fair!

I think you should start calling Ryan "the Hoff".

The Lindstrom Family said...

I will put mine up at some point. Let's just sum it up by saying Beyonce' (?) Princess Di & Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes and Amanda Bines. Wow, I didn't kow that any of those guys looked anything like each other, and yet they all look like me! Hmmm, lucky them! :) HA!

Kate said...

Ya, I am with you on the Hoff. Who cares about the rest of them.