Monday, August 27, 2007

A Fire Update

There is so many new posts below, but I wanted to give you an update on our fire, which is getting quite scary. The media is telling us that the fire is 38% contained. There are many people that are disagreeing with that, including some of the firefighters. They say that best case it is 5% contained, and that doesn't include the last 2 days with 30 mph winds. We drove up to Sun Valley and Ketchum today and it is really quite scary! It is much worse that I had imagined! The whole valley is so full of smoke. It is so thick, it is almost like fog. We are being advised to stay in our homes with windows shut. They are even cancelling school for the first few days at least.

The Bishop this morning in a meeting said that he doesn't think that there is anyway they are going to be able to get this under control. He is sure that the whole valley will have to be evacuated. That seems more realistic to us now. Last night they did a huge mandatory evacuation. It starts about 5 min up the road from us and goes up to the Ketchum hospital, both sides of the highway. They even had to evacuate the hospital last night! Then beyond that it is pretty much everyone on the west side of the highway.

It made us a bit nervous last night. There is a part of this fire that is more south than the rest. They were not paying a lot of attention to it because it was a little smaller. However, it is now getting worse and closer to us. It is a strange feeling to sit down together and talk about what we grab if we have to get out fast. It is also a little odd to go to bed wondering if you will be woken up in the night by megaphones outside of your house telling you to get out of the house. In church today we had the Sun Valley ward with us. They have all said that it is such a strange feeling to experience the evacuation. We hope we don't have too!

Our Bishop read some scriptures in Revelations and talked to everyone this morning about a time when Joseph Smith talked about the literal burning of the earth in the last days. We are definitely getting glimpse of what that would be like. This fire is now well over 35,000 acres and growing fast! It is crazy to drive through Ketchum and see all of the mountains on the side of the road full of fire. They have said that the heat is so intense that it alone is starting more fires.

Well, this next weekend will be interesting. If by chance we are not evacuated by then, we will have to pack like we are going to be just in case we can't come home. I will be heading to Boise on Thursday with Dawson and Ryan to Utah with Jake and Mallory. We will have with us our computer and whatever else we feel we need to save just in case!

I do have to throw in a little something because it has been on my mind lately. The other day, before the fires, my friend Jeni had a dream that she woke up and there was a fire coming over the mountain and she started to panic. Then she said that she heard a calm voice say, "If you pay your tithing your home will not burn." She is a full tithe payer, but needless to say she makes sure that she doesn't leave the church each week until she has handed her check to the Bishop.

My friend Carrie had a dream about their house being on fire also and them having to get out very quickly. Then I had a dream, before the fires started, that I was walking out of a building and saw a car driving by with a huge missile on top and they shot it at the building I was walking out of. I remember thinking that I wasn't surprised, like I new this was going to come at some point, and then I suddenly felt panic. In my mind flashed all of the things that I have bought or that I own that I chose to spend my money on instead of, or before I had my food storage and emergency preparedness stuff. That was a very scary feeling. The feeling of procrastination realized! YIKES!

Anyway, this is a lesson learned. We will not spend another penny unnecessarily, until we are prepared.

Here are some pictures.....
This is a picture of our new house. This was taken Saturday. The smoke was quite clear that day. However, that made the fire just over the hill a little more alarming! Getting a little too close for comfort!

Oh, and this is a full shot of our new house, which we love VERY much! It is such a nice peaceful neighborhood and we have the most beautiful mountain behind us and the river just down the street! BEAUTIFUL! (more pictures to come!)

This is a picture that I took last Saturday when this fire had just started. It was a very unsettling site! The sad part is that between this and the bottom picture of our beautiful mountains are now completely burned! It is so sad! We will see if we can get back up for updated pictures in the next few days, However, I am not sure we can. They are asking that most people ride shuttles up and down the valley instead of personal vehicles and they are closing so much of the Valley. There is a chance that in the next couple of days Ryan will have to give the guys work off until they can get it cleared up. They are not allowing ANYONE into a lot of the areas.

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Man! I hope you don't have to evacuate! That's just crazy!