Saturday, September 8, 2007


So, one of our favorite features in this house is our HUGE tub! We LOVE it! However, I think the kids love it more! Jake feels like he is swimming, and he will willingly take a bath everyday, if we let him! Mallory is also a big fan! She loves to get in the water!

When she saw that Jake was getting a bath she immediately tried to climb in. I thought that the sides were way to high for her. I watched her ready to grab her if by some miracle she could get in. She was quicker than I thought. She had flipped herself up in there faster than I could move to stop her! She thought it was hilarious that she was in the tub in her clothes! We did too! She was quite funny! She was pretty excited about the depth of the water, she NEVER would get water this deep!

Her and Jake are such good little buddies. They are constantly making each other laugh. It is fun to listen to them!
Her are some pictures of her little adventure!




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