Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Fire is Contained!

Thanks to a lot of rain over the last week the fire is no longer a threat and everyone was able to go back home. Because of the rain there has been some problems with mudslide, etc. but I think everyone in the valley is much happier about putting up with that! This morning Ryan hiked up to the top of Carbonate mountain and said that looking over the valley you can see a lot of haze. However, we can't smell it and we can't see it, so we are happy to be able to breath freely and have our windows open! This month is the most beautiful time of year here, in my opinion! The temps are no hotter than 73 all month and it is beautiful outside! We are happy to enjoy it smoke free!

The pictures below were taken by a firefighter at the most intense times of the fire when they were required to fight throughout the night. They are amazing shots! We ended up with 15 helicopters, 116 fire engines, and 1,672 firefighters. Not to mention the hand crews that were involved in digging a containment line around the fire. The fire burnt about 47,000 acres.




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