Saturday, September 8, 2007


We found the key to a good rodeo....reserved seating! We sat right over the chutes and could see most of what was going on in them the whole time! It was a lot of fun!

Bob, Mal, Jake & Chris. We did have to shade our eyes for about the 1st half hour, then when the sun went down behind the mountain it was AWESOME! I love how it cools off so quickly here! (Oh, and here is a "where's Waldo" type thing for you. See the guy shading his eyes just above Bob's head? That is my personal trainer, Craig. He seriously gives me a run for my money! Having a personal trainer is DEFINATELY the way to go!)

You should have seen my bag of tricks for Mallory! I had every kind of "takes you an hour to chew" treats and books, and toys and whatever else might keep her entertained and on our laps! This was probably the most successful. Ryan is a genius! Mallory would spend hours clicking and unclicking a belt clip. Ryan always says that we don't take her stroller to put her in it, we take it to keep her entertained by playing with the buckle. Ryan took this off of the bottom of one of the seats. We don't ever use it, so it works perfectly for this!

Even with all of our attempts to keep her entertained we still ended up leaving early. I am still not sure if it was because of Mallory or Ryan though! :)
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