Saturday, September 8, 2007

4th of JULY

OK, I know I am terribly behind, but I was just looking through pictures and found that I hadn't posted this. Which is a shame because the 4th up here is one of the funnest times of the year, I mean next to the "Running of the Sheep" anyway.

It all started with a parade down Main in Hailey at Noon. It is always a great parade! Then we headed to the city park, which is a really cool, really big park. There are HUNDREDS of people that meet there for a huge BBQ put on by the city. The kids run and play, we eat on a blanket under the trees, bands, usually made up of 12 & 13 year olds that are better than most adults, play on a big stage and this years addition was a sprinkler set up by the Firefighters, because it was all of 90 degrees and a little toasty. After the BBQ we head home for a little rest (like an hour) then onto the Dudleys'.

Bob & Nan bought a condo in Sun Valley so they would have somewhere to stay when they came into town. We met up at their house for a BBQ before heading to the Rodeo and fireworks.


Mallory spent the entire time going up and down the stairs. I am sure she thought this was really cool because they kind of wound up to the top floor.

Jake and his Hot Dog!
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Courtney said...

You posted too many pics to do a good comment for each of them! Here's one that should work for all of the below:

"Looks like a ton of fun!"

Or we could go with:

"How cute!"

I just watched Sons of Provo for the first time in a long time... we thought of you guys!

The Lindstrom Family said...

Wait, were you saying "how cute" about Bob or the kids? :)

That is funny. We watched SoP the other day too! I laughed so stinking hard! I hadn't seen that in such a long time, but seriously the pie scene remains on of my favorite movie moments EVER!