Sunday, August 26, 2007

How Mallory Watches Baseball

Mallory is good at the games for about 5 min. Just enough to yell, "go, go, yay" and clap. Then she feels that she has contributed her fair share and she is on to something else! We got smart and started taking stuff to entertain her! With 4 games in one day....we had to be prepared!

Mallory loves Crow! He is such a cute boy! He loves to play with Mallory! Crow and his big brother Canyon are Jakes good friends.

What would life be without a HUGE mouth full of fruit snacks! She gets impatient with food. She wants it, but it slows her down so we have to monitor how much she puts in her mouth! She will eat 5 fruit snacks at once, just to get it over with!
Playing with Grandma at the game! Mally loves "Gamma" so much! They had a lot of fun together!
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