Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dinner with the Missionaries

One thing that we love about living in an area like this is the opportunity to feed the missionaries quite often. These two are among our favorites! Elder Carrion & Elder Timms. Mal loves to climb all over Elder Timms! They are both such great missionaries. In Blaine County we went over a year and had only 1 baptism, an 84 year old woman. These two came in and worked so hard! Within 2 weeks there were 8 baptisms! They were soon leading the mission and doing such a great job!
We loved having them swing in for a game of soccer with Jake or just to hang out for a minute. I personally think they liked to come over because I made them killer BBQ ribs, or a knock off of Cafe Rio salads and burritos.
When Grandma & Grandpa Atkinson were here we had them over for dinner and FHE. We wanted them to teach us the new 1st discussion. We were talking to Jake about what it is like to be a missionary, and we wanted him to see what they do. It was awesome! These boys bring such a strong spirit with them! It is no wonder they have had so much success!
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