Monday, June 18, 2007


So, this last weekend was an interesting one! I guess I should start by mentioning that we got Dawson's allergy tests back. He is allergic to Dairy, Soy, Gluten and Nuts. That's quite a fun list, huh? Ryan has suggested dirt. That may be our only option. :) The good news is that there are recent studies that prove that there are anti depressants in dirt. I guess that helps with the depression you get from having to eat it!

We did find a formula that will work for Dawson. He is doing so good on it. I will take a picture of him and post it. I swear he is getting so big! He is gaining weight so fast! I think his body is just storing everything it can!

So, on Friday night we were on our way home from Boise. We had to run to the temple and to get the formula for Dawson. It is very hard to find and you generally have to get it through a medical supply place. Dawson's doctor gave us a bunch until our shipment comes in from Oregon. On our way home, at about 10:30pm, Dawson suddenly started crying, which was odd because he had been so happy all day. Ryan looked back and saw that he had a bloody nose. He told me that it was bad enough that I should pull over and look. So I did. It WAS bad! It was way scary! It was spraying out a bit and Mallory had some on her and her seat and it was on the back seat. I couldn't get it to stop and then I noticed that his mouth was also full of blood. I ran and jumped in the passenger side and Ryan started driving as fast as he could (the truck wouldn't go over 94 or I think he would have gone faster) to get to the hospital. It took no time for him to fill the handful of wipes that I had in my hand. I was starting to get really nervous. I called 911 to have an ambulance meet us and get us to the hospital. I was really worried that he might be hemorrhaging from his surgery. I stayed on the phone with dispatch telling them the mile markers as we passed them. We had about 40 min before Bellevue (driving at normal speeds, anyway) and another 20 to get to the hospital.

While I was on the phone with them Dawson suddenly threw up about 1/2 cup or more of blood. That scared the heck out of me! Seriously, I can usually stay calm about things, but this scared me really bad! Mallory was watching him and whimpering. She didn't know what was going on, but she new something was wrong. Poor Jake sat in the corner with his eyes closed and his ears plugged. He was so scared too. I was trying not to let them know that I was really worried, I knew that would make it worse.

Just outside Bellevue the Ambulance go to us. By that time Dawson had suddenly become too exhausted, he had lost A LOT of blood. We couldn't get him to stay awake. He was so lethargic. He slept most of the way to the hospital and after Ryan gave him a blessing the bleeding stopped.

When we got to the hospital the doctor came in and opened Dawson's G-Tube and pulled 70 ML's (about 2 1/2 oz) of blood out of his stomach! They ran a bunch of blood tests and Dawson slept while we waited. At about 2 am. The doctor came in and said that we needed to get to Magic Valley Hospital in Twin for blood transfusions. We later found out that Dawson had bleed out 1/4 of the blood in his body. The Hailey ambulance was out on a call in Shoshone (1 hr away) and they needed us to get him down there. Ryan came and got me and dropped me and Mal and Jake off and headed to Twin. I think he finally got there at about 4 am. They had given us instructions on pulling the blood from his stomach if it should happen again, and we prayed like crazy it wouldn't.

Dawson had a few more bloody noses in the hospital. They found that the blood WAS actually a nose bleed. The tissue in his nose was quite irritated from all of the NG placements. That combined with the dry air and the way Dawson breathes through his sinus's caused a blood vessel to burst. They coterized it and he has been ok since. He received two things of blood to replenish his supply and he is to be on a Multi Vitamin with Iron in it to help with the rest.

Ryan and Dawson came home yesterday from the hospital. Dawson is doing so well. He is happy and getting very chubby! It is so nice to see! We are, of course, so thankful that he is OK. We were told by the ER doctor and Dawson's primary care doctor that if Dawson would have been at home in bed we would have lost him. There would have been no way for us to know that he was bleeding like that and laying down would have made everything much worse, because he wouldn't have been able to breathe! We are so thankful for the Lord's guiding hand! He truly watches over our little family and we are so grateful for that!

Anyway, I have more pictures to take and I will post them later. I have a busy day ahead and I better get crackin!


Courtney said...

Oh Dawson! I had trouble breathing while reading this Amy! You guys are really so blessed that if these things happen, you are able to handle them.

Pretty sad in Port Orchard! said...

OK, I was crying and holding my breath while reading this. Maybe you could tell us the happy ending at the beginning.
Take a big breathe. Okay. I'm okay.
You and Ryan are wonderful and I really feel the Lord is watching over your precious son.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dawson... What else could happen to this sweet little boy... We agree about putting the Happy ending in the beginning...

Love Dad and Sondi