Wednesday, June 6, 2007 Boise??!!

Jake was so pumped to find out that there is a Boondocks in Boise. We have to go there for Dawson's GI doctor and his Neurologist, and it is the closest temple. So we were excited to take a break from all the busyness and have a fun day together. We played a good game of miniature golf. Jake is quite good, thanks to Grandpa Atkinson! He even got a hole in one!

The 18th hole is this little guy. If you make it in a small hole just under it's chin, it shoots out fire. If not, you get sprayed! We got drenched! :)
I was wondering if this might be a bit intense for Jake, but he wanted to give it a try. It is a roller coaster simulator. They shut down the top and you twist, turn and flip in every directions. There is huge screen that is directly in front of you and seriously, I am not quite the die hard I used to be! See the little red button between the seats? Well, it almost got hit! I thought I was going to lose my lunch! BLAH!!

Jake was hanging upside down a lot of the time and having the time of his life. He loved the parts where the track was missing some tracks and we would fall off and start flipping out of control. Hmmm, me too! I think this means that I might be able to get Jake to go on the Collosus with me! Well, maybe he will be trying to get me to go with him!

It was a super warm day in Boise! We didn't mind so much that all of the kids drenched us when we were in the bumper boats. As you can see, Jake was super excited that he could spray all of the way to Ryan and got him wet. Ryan wasn't quite as excited!
We had a super fun day! Full of arcade games, slick track, mini golf, laser tag, Krispy Kreme donuts (Ryan almost couldn't contain himself! This was his favorite thing EVER!). Sometime this summer we are going to have to go to Roaring Springs, which looks like a super fun water park!
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