Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Very quick update

I am at the hospital and I have to hurry back to my hotel to save G & G Atkinson from Mallory. I just wanted to fill you all in on Dawson.

The Echocardiogram was negative. His heart is free of infection. We are on day 5 of negative cultures and they need 14 to do the surgery. So far so good. Dawson is getting a Physical Therapist. When I come to see Dawson I want to sit and love him not bend and stretch him. He still needs all of that work done so now he will have someone coming into help him. He looks better than ever and is even quite smiley! Can't wait to take him back home!!

Mallory is now my little tag-a-long. I am loving every minute of it. Ryan couldn't get much work done with her there with him. She doesn't sleep or eat well when I am gone. (I'm flattered that she likes me so much). Ryan brought her and dropped her off. I love it!! She keeps me entertained when she is awake and she is such a good girl at the hospital. She sleeps on the recliner while I play with Dawson and when it is time for him to sleep she wakes up and gets to play. She sleeps through the night which is great for me! I am sleeping more than 20 min at a time and that makes me happy! Mallory is also enjoying Squash in the morning and Cereal at night. Just wait til she tries Sweet Potatoes next week. I am sure she will love them too!

Well, I will keep you posted if anything changes. Thanks for all of your love and prayers!

Love, Amy


courtney said...

I'm so glad that even though this isn't exactly what you had planned this week :) (month, year...) that you are making the best of it. I wouldn't even call it "making the best of it", because I think you're happy! So keep your fabulous attitude sistah!

amy said...


Hey Thanks!! I think it is funny that even though Mallory has cried for 2 days straight, which makes it very hard to see Dawson as much as I would like to, I still seem to be in a good mood. I do have to say that I attribute a lot of that to you.

You are such a good mom and have so much patience. You also remind me a lot of priorities being in the right place! You rock!!

Love, Aims

courtney, dare I say, "the real Courtney" :) said...

AMY! You are so funny! I am sooooooooo not patient! But I'm glad that a mythical Courtney can bring you inspiration :)