Friday, February 24, 2006

Some of our attempts for a good announcement pic


The babies are doing great! We have had a crazy week, but I think that it is all straightened out and we should be in pretty good shape for a while.

On Tuesday I got a little worried about Dawson's head. His fontanel was bulging and hard and he was very fussy. I got in the truck with him and headed to Utah, leaving Ryan, Jake and Mal once again.

When we got to the hospital we went back and forth between Neuro Surgery and Radiology for about 5 hours. Finally, after several failed attempts at reprogramming Dawson's shunt they decided to take him into surgery. He went in at about 8pm and was back out by 9pm. The shunt had been completely clogged with old blood. They replaced it all once again.

By Wednesday at noon they were signing discharge papers and were on our way home. When we got home Dawson seemed to be really fussy. He couldn't keep any food down and was really in pain. I was upset and felt that sending Dawson home so soon after surgery, with his history wasn't such a good idea. Through the night Dawson did not sleep. He screamed off and on, then screamed in a lot of pain for about 3 hours in the morning. He couldn't be consoled and I knew something was really hurting him. I called Neuro Surgery and they told me I would need to come back down. Ryan started back from Sun Valley and I was going to start packing. After a few minutes I felt strongly just to keep him here. I felt that maybe he just needed something for pain because pressure change can be quite intense and painful for him. I took him over to our hospital here and they did a CT scan. Dawsons doctor called the neuro surgeon and told him the measurements of his ventricles. We found the problem. Dawson had left the hospital with 73cm ventricles and now they were 53cm. Dr. Walker once told me that a pressure change headache is comparable to 10 times the worst migraine I had ever had. The shunt was working, Dawson just needed something a little stronger for pain.

Now he is doing great. He is adjusting and seems to be over the most painful part. He actually now has more strength in his neck and is able to hold his head up a lot more than he could. He looks and acts like he is feeling so much better! That is good news!

Mallory is starting on foods today. We will have to take pics to post. I can't wait to see what she thinks of it.

Dr. Scott was so impressed with both babies today and thinks that they are both doing great. They are both just over 13 lbs. and about 24 in. long.

Ryan, Jake and I are still loving every minute of this. It is a lot of work, but a lot of fun and we love it soo much.

Well, I have got to go save the princess, she is just waking up!

Keep the comments coming we love to hear them!

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courtney said...

Look at Dawson! He looks so good! He looks so allert and healthy! Good job!

Mallory looks good too, she's just been looking great for so long...

What sweeties!

Amy said...

If I could combine the top right of Dawson and the bottom right of Mallory I think it would be the cutest picture.

Whenever I look at this grid I think about how spoiled I am. I have TWO babies! YIPEE!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey LIndstroms;

The babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!

We love you so much, and are looking forward to seeing you near the end of March!!

Abby and Family

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Amy--your babies are beautiful!!! I just spent 30 delightful minutes getting caught up on your life. What a roller coaster, I'm so glad you are home and 'family life' can continue. I think of you often. You two are great parents!! I hope your kids know how lucky they are!
Keep smiling (when you are 50 like me you can get all the sleep you have missed), we love you!
cindy harris and family

AMy said...

Hey it was great to hear from you Cindy and Abby!

Ab, we look forward to having you come up in March, and for you to meet Dawson. I was just thinking the other day about staying with you at your house. THANK YOU,
THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! What a blessing! You were always the first one I would see when I was having a horrible day and you always made me feel better! Thanks!

Cindy, I look forward to talking to you soon. I have to get back into the swing of things and I need all the motivation and encouragement I can get :)

We love all of our family and friends so much! Thanks for all of your support through this time in our lives. It has definately bouyed us up when we couldn't make it ourselves! Your timely encouragement and expression of love and testimony has really been an answer to our prayers and it always comes just when we need it!
Thank you!