Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yet another good day

Today was another good one. Especially for me and Mallory! Today was our first really holding time! At first she whimpered a little bit. She wasn't quite sure what was going on. But when I put her up against me she LOVED it! She had high oxygen the whole time and held more still than I think she ever has. She was my happy little girl. She is now weening down on oxygen with her nasal cannula and hopefully will be off soon. However, she may go at her own pace and we will wait for her. She is on full feedings and loving it. She will be completely off all IVs tomorrow. I am sure that she will be happy to have less cords strapping her down. She got the hiccups today. It was so funny--she had audible hiccups and we giggled at her the whole time. All in all she is doing wonderful.

Dawson is also doing great and enjoyed his holding time today too. Although he has recently found his voice also and peeps at me when he is uncomfortable or if the tube in his mouth makes him gag. He is so sweet. His head results came back and I talked a little to the neurosurgeon. The swelling is in his Left ventricle. The blood has clotted and he has already reabsorbed his grade 4 bleed. The problem is the clot blocking the fluid and causing the back up and the swelling. They are going to watch it for a week or so. He is already starting to reabsorb the clots and we are waiting to see if by chance he can take care of the problem on his own. Plus he is only 3 1/2 weeks old, or 31 1/2 gestation, or -8 1/2 weeks old, which ever you prefer, and they would like him to get a little bigger before they put in a reservoir. Miracles do happen and if he is supposed to be healed on his own he will. If not, there is a reason why he needs to go through this experience and we will love, support, pray for, and help him through it. Either way he will be just fine I am sure.

They also think that the infection that he had was caused by NEC in his tummy. He will be done with his antibiotics tomorrow then as soon as they can they will start him on feedings again. There is a part of his bowels right now that is not moving at all. The surgeon should be over to talk to me about it tomorrow. They are hoping that the feedings will jump start that part and he will be just fine. If not, he will most likely respond to it again with sickness. They will then have to possibly do surgery on his tummy to find and solve the problem. They seem to think we will know in a few days what will need to be done. I know these sound like big problems, but he will be fine, we are sure. He has a few hills to climb, but he will make it!

They both are doing great and we are thankful for that blessing. I went to the Salt Lake Temple today- I love the live sessions! While I was waiting for the session to start I did some reading about faith. Sometimes I think I run a little shorter on it than I should. I don't know exactly what the Lord's will is with these two sweet babies, but I did learn this. He has a perfect love for them and us and He has a plan, which is also perfect. My job is to trust Him. When we know the characteristics of our Father in Heaven it is easy to completely turn things over to Him. Whatever trial any of us face can and will be overcome and we will come out better in the end if we turn ourselves over to the Lord. It is amazing how much comfort I feel when I leave it at this. It doesn't automatically become easier all the time, and it doesn't mean that there won't be hard days. Those days are the days when I get to learn more about the Atonement and receiving comfort from it. I just know and trust that everything will be fine however it ends up because those are the feelings we have had through this whole thing. So whatever road we have to travel on to get there, we will and hopefully we will learn a lot along the way!

We love you all, thanks again for all of your love and prayers!

Love, Amy


Courtney said...

Well that sounds great! It stinks that you have new things to worry about every day, but there will come a point when all you'll have to do is get them fattened up... there is an end in sight! Maybe "end" isn't the best word since you never get to stop worrying about your kids... that's just being a parent. BUT don't worry too muh about your faith-- I think it's pretty good :) Look at what your faith has accomplished so far!

Kellsy said...

I'm glad all is going well.
Love ya
Kellsy Kaye

Mom said...

It does my heart good to read your testimony. What a blessing it is for me as your mom! I can't wait to come up to see the babies again. I miss them so much when I'm not up there. I'm also looking forward to Los Hermanos. Just let me know when.



Hey amy! amy! So rumor has it that you want to go to Los Hermonos..? (do you really spell the last part her-monos?um.)We are going to go. I don't care what everyone says. They can't stop us. They can't "touch this". Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh Nuh nuh nuh nuh. Mallory is beautiful...i see she already has the cheeks. And dawson. DAWSON! He is just the cutest little stinker isn't he? Well i will talk to you later. Call our house sometime again so we can go. Amigo.

Claudia said...

That is really really weird.....my Mallory had hiccups today too!!!
Kindred spirits!

Amy AKA "the Mama" said...

Crap you guys, Ryan is not supposed to know that Los Hermanos is my idea, way to blow my cover!! Just kidding Ryan.

It is my one true wish to have my little girl be just like yours.....not Courtney, I mean Mallory!!

Love, AMY

Queen Latifah said...


Queen Latifah said...

yeah you know me!

(I'm down with O.P.P)