Monday, August 29, 2005

Just a briefy

Just a brief little note on the kids. Dawson has not yet had his brain scan so his results most likely won't be back until tomorrow. He now is back to room air. (no cannula) He is doing great on his own. Which from what some of the nurses and Doctors have said is quite awesome. They don't normally expect babies as small as he is to be on their own and doing so well. He is showing off (maybe there is some of me in him somewhere)!

Mallory is back to a cannula and is doing great so far. They are leaving all of the tape in place for the CPAP and the feeding tube in her mouth. Her smart nurse has decided that maybe if they change as little as possible she will adapt better. Tomorrow if she is still doing so well they will put the feeding tube in her nose (NG tube) and they will take the tape off. She will also be up to full feedings tomorrow! Chubby baby here we come!!

So both babies are great this morning. I will let you know if anything changes today. If I don't post tonight it didn't change. I will let you know as soon as I here about the ultrasound results!

Thanks all- Amy


Anonymous said...

Amy, Ryan, and kiddies,
Just wanted to say hello and let you know we are thinking of you. We have been following your site but haven't left a message until now. It is amazing to me what the medical world can do...what a blessing! Enjoy those babies.


Anonymous said...

"We don't even talk anymore,
saying how we feel it no longer allowed...
why do we hurt eachother,
we do we push love away?"

Boyz to Men

Courtney said...

Wow, that was a really wierd comment!

Anyway, we hope everything goes great with your scan! We had fun with Jake today! Brins cried again when he got on the bus, fell asleep, and then woke up right before Syd's school just to cry again :) What a rough time to be 2!

Love Ya!

Sharps said...

Hey all. Finally able to read about all that has gone on. I admire your strength and faith! We love you so much and our prayers are with you! Hope youve had a good day today. MIss you guys.
Love and Hugs

Amy AKA "the Mama" said...

Yeah Courtney-- you are not fooling anyone! Who else would get on this site and quote boyz to men?!
You are a silly girl. We miss you!!

Love, Amy

amy AKA "the Mama" said...

I am so glad to hear from you. I miss you a ton! Kiss you sweet babies fat cheeks for me!! Love ya!

Love, Amy

The Lindstrom Family said...

Hey Candise-
Good to hear from you! You're not kidding either about what they can do medically. It's pretty amazing to see all the equipment, and to hear about all the surgeries and procedures they can do. As much as we're glad that they have all this stuff, it's also pretty nice to see all that equipment go away! Anyway...