Wednesday, August 10, 2005

They're BOTH doing good today..

Well, Dawson is doing better today than he has for a long time(I guess that would be 4 days). Last night he was needing 90% of his oxygen provided for him, and today he was down to 30%. His color is a lot better, and his bloood is starting to clot like it's supposed to. He's still got a ways to go, but he's doing a lot better.

Mallory was a ball of fire today! She opened her eyes and was looking all around, her arms and legs were going a hundred miles an hour, and she was sucking on her little binki. They say that usually the babies get irritated and have a hard time staying stable when you touch them, because thier nervous system isn't fully developed; but Mallory would get so excited when she heard her Mama's voice and when she felt her touch that all the good alarms would start going off!

Every time we go see them, all the numbers on the screen look pretty good, so we were curious what constituted the babies doing 'good' or 'bad'. We spent an hour or so last night getting somewhat edumacated about a few things. The babies are doing 'good' when the nurses don't have to do much to keep the numbers looking good, and they are doing 'bad' when the nurses have to do more and more things to keep the numbers looking good. The doctors and nurses are great, and we have full confidence in them.

Well, we're getting packed up to leave the hospital--yipee! Amys' first (4) days here were spent in a bed in a room with no window, so I think she needs to see the sun. Not that she's down or anything, in fact, she is waaaay up! After we get out of here I'll let her take the reigns of this thing and share all the news and stuff. We will be staying at Amys' brother and sister-in-laws house, which is just 15 minutes from the hospital, so we're extremely grateful for them and thier willingness to put up with us, as we will likely be there for 2-3 months. I'll most likely be going back to Idaho for work during the week, and coming down to Utah on the weekends. I think Jake will be going with me back to Idaho, as he starts kindergarten a few weeks. The next few months will be anything but boring, that's for sure.

Time to go now, so we'll catch up with you later.

Thanks!!(I'm trying show a little excitement with all the exclamation points)



Courtney said...

We're loving the exclamation points!

Gear family said...

Hey, I've been checking this thing every minute trying to get the latest news, since I have no other way of getting a hold of you.

I hope things are going good. Call me if you need anything at all.

Love you and praying for you,

The Lindstrom Family said...

Haha, yeah sorry about that. I'm just figuring out how to use Clint and Abbys computer. Amy's still kinda loopy on pain meds, so she hasn't done any updating yet. My cell is pretty much the only way to get us right now. I'll put in an update just for you.