Friday, August 19, 2005

Quick update...

I only have a few minutes, so this might be short. I've added a link to the U of U 'Discharge Criteria' webpage-'They can come home when...'. Just a little side note: When you click the 'University Newborn ICU' link, on the first page that shows up there are three pictures of babies. In the top right picture, the happy Mom is Amy's cousin Michelle Larson(formerly McClure). The top right baby and the bottom baby are her twin girls Megan and Halle(not sure about the spelling, but it's like Jennifer, with an 'H' instead of a 'J', the 'enn' sounds more like 'al' as in 'pal', the 'er' is replaced with more of an 'ee' sound, and 'if' is pretty much silent). Amy just noticed it when the page came up. Who would've thunk?

So they finally let Mallory sleep on her tummy. She's in heaven. We should've known--she is definitely her Mama's daughter. She's a lot less fidgity now, which makes us and the nurses happy. Dawson is off of the ventilator(hooray!), and is now on a CPAP. The CPAP is basically two tubes that go into his nose and force air into his lungs. He's breathing completely on his own at this point, the CPAP just pumps air into his lungs to ensure that they stay inflated. He started at a setting of 9 on the CPAP(whatever that means), and has already been weaned down to 6. At 5 they take the CPAP off. Then the little guy is all on his own! If he needs supplemental oxygen at that point, they will give him a nasal cannula(once again--whatever that is). At the University Newborn ICU link there is a page that talks about all these things and what they are if you want a few more details. I'll try to post the link later.

Their little bodies are ready to start digesting food now, so feedings should commence shortly, if they haven't already! We're on our way to see them right now, so we'll let you know.

Well, that's all for now---Nanu Nanu(is that how you spell that?)


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