Thursday, August 18, 2005

According to Jakob...

I had the opportunity to meet up with Jakob Ryan Lindstrom, big brother of Mallory and Dawson, for a few minutes today. This is what he had to say:

RYAN: So, Jakob, it's been 12 days since your brother and sister were surgically extracted from the womb. How has this impacted your life?

JAKOB: I thought they were gonna come a little bit later though, cause I just don't know what's the matter.

RYAN: And you've been staying with your cousins Clay, Lydia, and Henry Salisbury through this whole ordeal?

JAKOB: Yes. I said yes.

RYAN: How are things at the Salisburys'?

JAKOB: Good. I like the kitty, and playing with Clay, and staying with you.

RYAN: I noticed a drawing of a "light saver" on Dawsons' bed the other day. Did you draw that?

JAKOB: (nods head slowly)

CLAY: No, I did.

RYAN: And you wrote "Dawson" on it Jake?

CLAY: No, I did.

RYAN: Good job Clay. What does the future hold for your toys Jake? I mean you've got to feel threatened right now...

JAKOB: I mean I'm scared of the babies taking the toy away that I'm playing with. I like this shake(sucking on straw).

RYAN: Let's talk about Mom. How do you think she's holding up?

JAKOB: Good.

RYAN: What do you feel it will take to get her through this?

JAKOB: By seeing the babies a lot.

RYAN: Can she do it? Can she really do it?

JAKOB: Yes. I think she has something in her head. I mean a brain.

RYAN: What do you plan on doing to help, specifically?

JAKOB: Be nice to them.

RYAN: You're little do you feel about her?

JAKOB: I like seeing her. The doctors have to take care of her.

RYAN: What do you have in mind in the way of a personal protection security plan to protect her? I mean...she will need your protection, won't she?

JAKOB: Give her kisses and loves. I'll say "No don't hurt my sister", or I'll go tell my Mom or Dad because they, they, they don't want the babies to get hurt.

RYAN: You've got us outnumbered now...congratulations. How are you changing your approach to parent manipulation at this point? I mean...this has got to be huge for you!

JAKOB: But there's more Grandpas and Grandmas. More than me and you guys, even our kids. Just more Grandmas and Grandpas. We have to take care of all of us.

RYAN: Is there anything you'd like the world to know right now?

JAKOB: That I love the babies very much.

RYAN: Anything else?

JAKOB: I like to play with my friends, and miss them.

I'd like to thank Jake for taking the time to sit down with me, and let us all know how he really feels about things.

Now for the news...

Well, Amy is a little worried that she's getting sick, so we've quarantined ourselves from the babies for a while. Kind of a bummer, but we'd rather not see them if we're sick. The nurses say that if anyone is sick, thinks they are sick, have been around someone that is sick, or is planning on getting sick...stay away. Even though the babies are in the bubbles, they have so many IV's and stuff that airborne sickness can easily get into the blood stream, and things will go downhill reeeeeeeally fast if that happens. They are still keeping the babies pretty well sedated after the surgery, so this is a good time to be sick--if we have to be sick. By the way, I feel fine, and Amy may not even be sick, but we would rather not take the chance.

The big news for the day is that the babies have both graduated to room 2! The heart surgery was a big hurdle that was holding up a lot of stuff, so now they can really progress. Both babies should get the tubes out of thier mouths in the next few days, and then they can start eating milk! Of course we know they could be back on the ventilator if they end up needing it again, but this is a big step.

There are 8 rooms, but some are pretty much the same as others. All the babies in room 1 are considered the most critical, room 2 babies are all the next level up(doing better), then rooms 3,4, and 5 are all about the same level(even better), and I think rooms 7 and 8 are close to the same. The babies don't necessarily HAVE to go through all the rooms to go home, but it's a good way for us to mark progress right now.

Anyway, that's the Readers Digest version for now.

Thanks all,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jake for your excellent interview!!!! I can tell you are a wonderful big brother! Mallory and Dawson are lucky to have you to look up to! I love your writing Ryan--have you thought about changing professions, I think Channel 5 needs a new reporter. Thanks again for the info---I'm so glad the babes surgery went well. All my kids are following your story. Please know the Harris family prays for you daily. Lots of love. Cindy

The Lindstrom Family said...

I can't hold a candle to Michelle King. Maybe Mitch English, but that ain't sayin' much. Anyway, Jake sure does love the babies, and we're grateful for all the support. Thanks for checking in, and congratulations on getting rid of Jill!(hopefully she's not following this).


Courtney said...

Um, how about Ken Rickey's job or "Churles" Lemon? On KMVT yesterday, that dumb chick said: "Lorretta Scott King, wife of M.L.K."... I'm pretty sure they wanted her to say, Martin Luther King, assuming, of course, that she knew who he was. And it was quite clear that she didn't as she stuttered her way through that story, looking at the sidelines like, "are you guys crazy?". But no, she's just dumb.

Sydney says, in response to Jake's interview:
"I want you to come play! We have your bike for you and a surprise. We will come drop them off when you come home for school."
And Brinsley, in response to the posted pictures says: "Gake!"

Jake said...

Thank you for my bike Syd. I like when Brins says "Gake" it is funny. I want to play with Syd and play with her and play with her and play with her and play with her and play with her. Tawni is teeny tiny as a bunny and I love her. She'll be friends with our babies and Brinsley too. They will always be friends and never do any bad things.

Amy AKA "the Mama" said...

Courtney, honey, I am really sorry that you life has been reduced to following "Churles" and the gang in my absence. I feel so bad. I know you really miss us. Just please don't give up we will be home soon!

Anonymous said...

Um, I really did draw those pictures of light sabers, I think Jake is up in the night!!!

Love Clay

Um... I think the babies are cute, and Mallory can borrow any of my skirts.

Love Lydia

Courtney said...

"Jakob Ryan Lindstrom--
I really like playing with you because you're my favoritist friend. I hope that we will, um, play dress ups and be crazy and take pictures. Hurry home so I can give you the surprise!