Friday, August 26, 2005

Less talk, more pictures...(from me anyway)...

SOOOOOoooo, I'm back in Utah with Amy and Jake for a few days. Here are a few 'teaser' pictures Amy took over the last day or two. There are a few more I'll put up later. I don't have time to say much(which I'm sure you're all grateful for), but I'll have Amy get on and give a little explanation later as well.



Kellsy said...

Man o man. babies are soo cute. They are looking better and better with each picutre update!
When I read your last post the only thing that came to my mind was what you always stress to me. Everything happens for a reason. The Lord is in control. And as long as you pray everything will work out the way its suppose too. (refer to lecture 125496983 ;) ) So last nite when i was praying. I was praying for all sorts of things but when i was praying for you and your family this sense of calmness just over came me. It was extermly reassuring. And, I know that the Lord is hearing all of our prayers and is with the babies every moment. I don't know if that helps you any but i just felt the need to tell you that cuz now i'm a bit more relaxed when i think about your family just cuz i know everything will be okay. Kay! I love you more then you'll ever know. Thanks for everything you've taught me. I love your family like they are my own and I can't wait to see all of you again
Love alwaiz and forever

Amy AKA "the Mama" said...


Thanks so much! It is amazing to me how much the Lord answers my prayers and gives me comfort through other people. I think that is the biggest blessing about this site. We share it all and in return everyone shares all of their love and support and feelings with us! It is totally what gets me through!

We love you Kells!
Love, Amy

ray said...

amy that pic od dawson just gives me the creeps