Sunday, August 21, 2005

A great picture day....too bad we didn't get any!!

Hello everyone! Well today was a great day for the "wondertwins" (not to mention their mommy)! I spent about 4 1/2 hours today at the hospital and loved every minute of it!

Mallory is doing great and received her first ML of milk this afternoon! I think she really liked it. She will be extubated tomorrow sometime and I will let you know how that goes. I am planning on being there when they do it. Maybe if I can calm her down she will pick it up a little better, let's hope anyway! I did her hair again today. This time I discovered that if you use a toothbrush as a brush you can get a cute little "mohawk" down the middle of her head. It even curled at the top! Then I put a cute little red bow in her hair. She had to get all dressed up for her grandma's and grandpa's visit! She definately looked sweet! She also loved being all prettied up. Her oxygen sats went through the roof while I was doing her hair and getting her all ready. Let's hope she still loves it when she is 2 or 3!

Dawson is so content! When I look at the pictures that were posted last I can't believe how much he has changed in just the last 2 days! His daddy will be suprised! His swelling in his nose from his CPAP is almost completely gone and his belly is back to normal. He is so darn cute and sweet! He went up on his feedings and now enjoys 5 ml of milk every 2 hours and will go up tomorrow. The nurse said that we will really see him gain weight when he gets up to full feedings, which is 25 ml every 2 hours. She said it will take about a week to get him there if all goes well. Today when I held him he kept making little squeaking noises everytime I moved like he might cry if I put him down. I didn't! I held him for quite awhile today and we both loved it! It was fun to watch him rest, he looks so content and almost looks like he is smiling. He is a happy boy. When Grandpa, Grandma and Grammy were there he gave them a show by stretching and yawning a lot for them. I think they liked it!

So about the pictures. The camera is with Ryan in Idaho and that doesn't do anyone any good. We should have one by this weekend though and we will take some more. I wish that you could all see them in person. You would see how much better they look than in the pics. Don't get me wrong, they look good in the pics, but nothing beats seeing them wiggle and stretch in person!

As for tomorrow- Dawson's head has grown 1 cm which isn't overly concerning, but they will do a scan on him tomorrow to make sure that he is ok. Also last time they checked his tummy one of his kidneys were bigger than the other. They are going to do an ultrasound to check that out and make sure that all is ok. Please remember him in your prayers (I know you probably already are). Mallory will hopefully do great on her extubation. The removal of the tube is not the hard part it is the getting her to tolerate CPAP. I will let you know how that goes!

Again thanks for all of your love and support! We have felt so strengthened by your prayers and we can't possibly explain what that means to us. It is the only way that we can make it through the hard days, that is for sure! We also feel blessed to know that we have so much family on the other side of the veil that are supporting us and we feel their love so much during this time and know that Mallory and Dawson do too! We love them and miss them and we are so grateful that we are able to feel their love and their presence! We were so happy to have Grammy come to see our little miracles today. We love her so much! The miracle and circle of life is amazing to see. We know that grandpa is watching over his sweet great grand babies and cheering them on with the rest of us! We all so look forward to being with him and hearing his stories again!

Well, thanks again for everything, we will let you know how everything goes again tomorrow!

Love. Amy


Kellsy said...

I'm so glad all is well with the "wonder twinz" I can't wait to see more pictures! I'm glad that you were able to hold Dawson for a while today. It makes me smile very big that things are going well.
~Coutney I am not a spaz... Just for your information. I'm the coolest cat around. and. i. i. made. no. one. breakfast. DARN IT! LOL
Love ya

Amy AKA "the Mama" said...

Hi Kells,
It is good to hear from you! Sorry we didn't let you know sooner. There are stil so many people that don't even know! I feel bad, but time just gets away from you when you eat, sleep and drink the hospital! Well, be good, remember who you are and go to church!!!!! It just wouldn't be normal if I didn't say something like that would it!!

Love- Amy