Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little Poser

It is darn near impossible to get a straight on, cute smiley face picture of Mallory. She is always doing something wonky with her face! 

After a lot of trying and a lot of laughing at failed attempts, we came up with this one.....

Kind of extra smiley, but TOTALLY Mallory! I love her cute little mug! 

And now for the outtakes.......

She kept closing her eyes. I told her to hold them open wide. I didn't mean literally! YIKES! :) 

Oh MY! 

Hahahaha! I love this one! 

HAHAHAHAHA! What a weird child! :) 

And then, after she was posed out and we were going down hill fast, she stole the camera and turned it on me! Velcro curlers and all! NICE! :) 


Tuzi Salz said...

In a couple of those pictures she looks so much like Jake. Cute kiddos! Also, something about that chin reminds me of Grandma Atkinson. She looks a lot like her. And you look great in those curlers.

MyR said...

Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cute face!!!

MyR said...

These pictures just made my day again today. I miss you guys A LOT!!!