Thursday, May 10, 2012

Families Are Forever!

This is Schmevy....well, Kevin, technically, but to me, for the last 14 years....Schmevy! 

He is Ryan's youngest brother and I love him! A lot! He has one of the funnest personalities and he is incredibly kind hearted! Plus, the first thing he ever said to me (he was just 14), when I walked up to their house to meet Ryan for the first time, was, "You're Hot!" Hahahah! Oh Kev! Such a schmoozer! :)

Kev had a rough patch in his life for a few years, as many of us have. We worried for a long time, and hoped like crazy that he would find solid ground! And that he did! 

He is responsible for bringing these lovely people into our family! His wife Anna, their daughter Chloe, and little Liam. In February we had the great privileged of watching this cute little family be sealed to each other for eternity in the Salt Lake Temple! SUCH a blessing! 

It was interesting for Ry and I, as we watched the children being sealed to their parents, to reflect on what a profound blessing that is in our lives, and what a comfort that is to us, and to Dawson, I am sure. He is away from us, but our separation is only temporary!

We are so happy for Kevin & Anna and their Kids! Congrats you guys! 

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