Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little Man, Big Day

He is 12 today! Can you believe it? I can't! No seriously, I CAN'T! 

I swear just yesterday I was giving him his first bath! It seems only a moment ago I was cruising around on a 4 wheeler trying to wrangle up the cows at the Prescott ranch with my 4 year old little man, making up songs to teach him our phone number! And weren't we just headed to Disneyland the day after his baptism?! 

It is crazy what can happen with time! It tends to drag on, until you look back, then it seems that it is flying by impossibly fast. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I loved my squishy little chubby Jakey baby, but this Jake, the 12 year old version, I love that SO much too, probably more than anything thus far actually! 

Ry and I are blessed to be his parents! He is kind and sweet. He is HILARIOUS and inventive. He is smart  and motivated. He is, at times, well beyond his years. Especially when it comes to spiritual matters. He is incredibly insightful, and so very thoughtful. He is more than I could have ever hoped for! 

Tonight we Ry and I are taking him to the temple for his first time! I can't wait to see what he thinks of this experience! I have no question his little brother will be in attendance! This is a big day! Afterward we will take him out for a special dinner with just Mom & Dad. 

This coming Sunday is going to be a big big day for him! It is a crazy experience when your oldest son is about to receive the Priesthood. It is really something to look at such a young man and know that he houses the most sacred power on earth, a gift and responsibility given to him through the authority of God! Wow! It really is something to think about! 

Then, beyond that, there is mutual! MUTUAL!! Wasn't I just there?! I am thrilled that I am in the Young Women presidency now and will have the opportunity to watch him experience Young Men's, from a distance! No doubt there will be great things learned there! We have such great leadership for our boys! 

Today I can't help but think of what I will be feeling 7 years from now when our boy is headed out on his mission. That seems so far away, and yet, I am certain I will look back, when I get there, and remember sitting her typing this post, and feel that it only just happened. 

Everyday I hope that I am doing a good job. I hope that he understands how vital his personal relationship with our Father in Heaven, and with Jesus Christ is. I hope that he knows how much he is loved and admired by his family. We tell him, but does he know? I think he does! 

Happy Birthday Little Man! We love you more than anything! Thanks for being an example in our home and for always being so darn much fun to be around! 


Brian and Kayla said...

I know he is getting so old! Your post was beautiful. He is just as lucky to have you for his mom as you are to have him as his son. Isn't it beautiful how Heavenly Father sets that all up? I wish we could be there to see him ordained.

Hardy Party said...

Nice Amy! He is growing so fast. How was the temple for him? Wonderful I hope? I can't believe how old he is. It is flying by so fast. Love you all...